From the Inside Out: Rejuvenation Through Colon Cleanse

Colon cleanse is a process that flushes away built up matter in the digestive tract. It helps restore your body’s ability to fully absorb nutrients and efficiently eliminate waste. The clearing of matter within the colon that cannot be eliminated frees the body of toxicity that is linked to illness and disease.

Avoid Unnecessary Ailments

Colonics are an important part of comprehensive health. When your colon is blocked with waste and toxins, the entire body suffers. The nutrients in the foods you eat cannot be fully absorbed, and instead contribute to the buildup of unused matter. This toxicity eventually begins to affect the stomach, heart, lungs, glands, skin and nervous system. Externally this appears in the form of depression, irritability, constipation, headaches, weakened immunity and chronic fatigue.


A Simple Procedure

A colon cleanse lasts just under one hour. It will increase your body’s ability to metabolize nutrients by restoring the digestive tract to an unobstructed environment. The resulting feeling of rejuvenation is part of the physical act of removing waste that you have been hauling around for a long time. It is as though you are relieved from a burden you forgot you were carrying and suddenly you feel lighter. Filtered water is used during a colonic. It is gently flushed through the rectum with a disposable speculum to break up the trapped material. The body’s natural contractions that occur as a result help eliminate the buildup.

Win from Within

Consuming healthy foods and balanced dietary supplements gives you vitality and energy, especially when your body is in a condition to maximize the absorption of those nutrients. You get more from less, so to speak, with a healthy digestive tract that has been cleansed from the inside out. Your digestive system is not overworked by trying to extract nutrients from food with blockage present. This gives the rest of your bodily systems more energy with which to function and allows you greater overall well being.

To experience the rejuvenating and detoxifying effects of a colonic, contact your local colon hydrotherapy professional today.


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